Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 14: Snag Lake to Willows

a. 1235’ gain, ~75 miles.
b. Food:. Chico is the first place with services since leaving Chester. You pass through several towns/settlements (Inskip, Stirling City, Loveloc, De Sabla) but we didn’t see any stores.
c. Road info: The first stretch was ~ 8 miles of high quality dirt. The rest is paved, except 5 miles of varying quality and often rocky dirt on Centerville Road.
d. Water availability: Maybe something before Chico (we didn’t take notes). No water between Chico and Willows (unless you want to pull water from the canals).
e. Miscellaneous Notes:
The entire ride from Chester to Chico was lovely, especially in October when the Maples and Dogwoods in the understory were in full color. There are a few miles of busy roads in Chico, but not too bad. Chico to Willows is flat riding through commercial orchards, most of it on quiet roads.

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