Monday, November 24, 2008


The AAA sectional series map called “Northern California” is the best road map covering the whole route and you should definitely carry this map. The AAA street map for Eureka/Arcata also includes the coastal section from Usal Road to Hoopa at a slightly larger scale than the Northern California map.

You should also have photocopies of the relevant sections of the USFS maps for:
  1. Mendocino NF (2006; covers Elk Creek to Covelo);
  2. Klamath NF (2007; covers Hoopa to Callahan);
  3. Shata/Trinity NF (2007; covers Callahan to Burney);
  4. Lassen NF (2002; covers Burney to Stirling City).
All of the roads on this route are shown on the AAA Northern California map except:
  1. The roads near Arcata. (best shown on the AAA Eureka/Arcata street map)
  2. Hoopa to Somes Bar. (shown on the Klamath NF map)
  3. A few miles NW of Weed, where the route is on quiet street parallel to the freeway. (shown on Shasta Trinity NF map)
  4. Grizzly Peak Road (aka 39N06) connection to Route 11 (shown on Shasta Trinity NF map)
  5. Parts of the dirt road on either side of Chester. (shown on the Lassen NF map).
  6. Some of the farm roads between Orobend and Willows. (we printed this section from Google maps).

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