Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 6: Eureka to Hoopa

a. 6500’ gain, 60 miles. Night spent at ~400’ elevation
b. Rough Camp on a gravel bed on the Trinity River very near the bridge over the river, right in the town of Hoopa.
c. Food: Full size grocery store and cafe in Hoopa. Full size grocery store and cafes just off route in Arcata. Very good coffee shop with muffins on route in Blue Lake (and maybe groceries there too, we didn’t check). Nothing between Blue Lake and Hoopa.
d. Road info: High quality dirt for 19 miles (mile 29-33 and again 37-52). Rest is paved. All roads were beautiful quiet low traffic roads. Most of the roads were marked and navigation was not a problem. However, the left turn onto Snow Camp Road from Bald Mountain Road is not identified as such; Snow Camp is marked as straight ahead at this intersection.
e. Water availability: Tap water in Arcata, Blue Lake and Hoopa. Creek water at the Redwood Creek crossing (but it’s fenced and signed and requires trespassing to get to it).
f. Miscellaneous Notes:
i. The Google map on Andreas’ site is messed up around Bald Mountain and Snow Camp Roads, since Google doesn’t recognize that Snow Camp Road connects all the way from 299 to the Bald Mountain intersection. The AAA map shows the roads correctly.
ii. If you don’t want to go into the town of Arcata, there is a quiet bypass route. If you carry the AAA Eureka/Arcata street map you will be able to pick out a quieter route that skirts the west and north edges of Arcata.

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